Who are we?

WunderOcean is a private company that offers patented disruptive solutions for both onshore and offshore alternatives of the wind sector. We develop innovative technology  to increase the efficiency in the wind energy sector at different stages like: planning, construction, H&S, and O&M. The solution Wunder Ocean offers are reducing costs and time to wind energy promotors, both onshore and offshore.


We increase the efficiency of wind farms with its innovative technology; reducing cost, time and construction & logistical operations.


Wunderocean is commited to world class research projects with partnerships with several research institutes employing PHDs and MSc staff University of Coimbra for SET Project

Self-erecting Tower (SeT) is the core solution to reach new requirements imposed for the upcoming Wind Turbine Generators (WTG). It focuses on the modularity of the components that will increase the manufacturing options and reduce the logistical limitations associated to the entire wind sector.


SeT empowers local economies through circularity, diversifying suppliers and reducing the associated carbon footprint (less energy consumption). It also contributes to the independence of the O&M and dismantling stages, reducing the final LCoE for all wind farms.


SeT is in line with some of the Sustainable Development Goals, it´s a solution to achieve the  renewable energy EU 2050 Goals, and a technology with lower carbon emissions throughout the entire supply chain.

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